Aula Magna aims to promote open and well-informed reflection and debate on all dimensions of the future of the Brussels Capital Region.

Determined to function outside linguistic and partisan cleavages, it gathers citizens of Brussels who wish to reconcile, in an intelligent manner, the well-being of all the city’s inhabitants with the city’s role as a Belgian and European capital.

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In March 2008, Aula Magna federated trade unions, companies, the cultural and environmental sectors, both french- and flemish-speaking, within a "Platform of the civil society". The platform commonly formulated 12 demands about the future and specificities of our Capital Region.

In association with Brussels universities (ULB, VUB, FUSL), this platform organized between October 2008 and April 2009 the "Citizens' Forum of Brussels" - 16 conference-debates with the population, 2 plenary sessions, and a grand closing event where our common desiderata were presented to an audience of 700 that included politicians from all democratic political parties.

The compiled scientific work produced during this process will be published in December by the Editions du Cri.







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